County Competitions

The County Competitions are now underway with the 2-woods and Triples having completed to the finals stage and early rounds of other competitions taking place.  The finalists are: 2-woods Lisa Smith vs. Jenny Corn and Triples Tracey Turner-Smith with Caroline Edwards and Anita Cowdrill vs. Mary Wheildon with Chris Hurst and Jacqui Ashley; congratulations to all players who took part in these two competitions.

Thanks go to Lillington Bowling Club for hosting the 2-wood competition and to County Officers who marked the quarter- and semi-final rounds.

Please continue to review the competition pages on the website for updates.

Below are some questions arising during the early competition stages:

Q: What is the dress code for matches at Victoria Park [Leamington Spa] and for those on an home/away basis?

A: Victoria Park - daytime play is whites, evening play is greys. Home/away - greys for both daytime and evening play.

Q: Does the challenger have the mat at the start of play?

A: A coin toss determines who has the mat at the start of play. Note, if the game goes to an extra end a second coin toss takes place (the mat can be given away after each coin toss).

Q: What should I do if I know I'm not going to be able to play?

A: A minimum of 24hrs notice should be given to the Competition Secretary; if this is not possible contact should be made as soon as possible with both the Competition Secretary and your opponent.

Q: One of my team isn't available, can we play a substitute?

A: Each team is allowed one substitute.

Q: What dates should I offer and can we play after the play-on date if we can arrange with our opponents?

A: Three dates must be offered, one of which must be a Saturday or Sunday, no extensions are permitted.

Q: After a team member has bowled a wood can we go to the head to discuss the situation?

A: As soon as the wood comes to a stop your control of play finishes, control of play passes to your opponents and you should move to at least 1 metre behind the mat.

Q: When we have to change ends of the rink during play can we stop mid-rink to discuss the situation?

A: Yes, however you must not hold up play.  This is important if your team is not in possession of the mat and the next player is on the mat ready to bowl.

Please read the Guidance Notes in the County Handbook – pages 24 & 25 – and/or refer to Laws of the Sport Crystal Mark Third Edition (Version 3.1) available via the Bowls England website for further information.