Since my last missive there have been several questions raised regarding the next National & County Competitions.

1. The Champion of Champion 2019 winners, will they be eligible in 2021? These will automatically be the competitors for the 2021 County Competitions. However, if any club does manage to play competitions this season & have a new C of C, both can be entered into the County & National Competitions next year, nobody will be penalised. It is stated at the bottom of page 2 of Bowls England FAQs- What will happen with entries in the National Champion of Champions? All those who had entered in 2020 will be eligible to participate in 2021. Should play be possible later in the season and clubs have the opportunity to organise qualifying events, any additional club champion (from the same club) will be permitted to enter in 2021.

2. Will this year’s points gained be counted if Club Competitions are able to go ahead?

Yes, these will be added. Tempus Fugit sadly doesn’t stop even for a Pandemic; the County always look forward to seeing new Colts, we will extend the time period required to gain these points by one year too.