Warwickshire Get the Better of WorcestershireImg W0353A Winning Rink v Worcs - Joy Cooke Jayne Henfrey Debbie Bloxham Liz Westell 225x150

Having beaten Worcestershire in the Johns Trophy a few days earlier their determination to get the better of the visiting team in this friendly at Chester Road, Kidderminster was in no doubt, but Warwickshire kept their cool and came home with a win 128-96.

Highest winning rink went to Debbie Bloxham (Stratford) with County President, Joy Cooke (Blossomfield), Jayne Henfrey (Lillington) and Liz Westell (Welford) who started at a pace which never faltered, finishing with a resounding 31-7.

Barbara Jeffrey with Margaret Andrew, Karen Rice (all Studley Entaco) and Ros Taylor (Avenue Coventry) were fairly evenly matched to start and although the opposition pulled away to lead 7-12 at 14 ends, 4 shots on each of the 16th, 18th and 21st ends ensured a convincing 22-15 win to the away team.

Helen Harris (Stoke) with Hazel Goodman (Lillington), Heather Tredgold (Southam) and Heather Mills (Grange Ladies) kept their heads above water most of the game and steadily worked their way towards a 23-19 win.
Pat Gagg with Pat Harvey, Pippa Mace (all Lillington) and Rosemarie Geden (Southam) started slowly but kept levelling the game until the last few ends when they took the initiative and pulled ahead to just get the win 17-16.Pat Harvey Pippa Mace Rosemarie Geden 225x180

Jean Williams (Stratford) with Sharon Keal (Snitterfield), Chris Ward (Lillington) and Donna Kerr (RLS) started strongly and were 15-4 up at 10 ends but their opponents were not going to be walked all over and pulled back to leave the visitors winning by just one shot 19-18.

Chris Cooke with Velisa Brown (both Southam), Mo Yeomans (Blossomfield) and Jenny Corn (Lillington) were fairly evenly matched and although they pulled ahead in the latter part of the game they were unable to retain it and eventually lost 16-21.Chris Cooke Velisa Brown Mo Yeomans 218x225