Competition Guidance Notes        

    1. Apart from the Unbadged Singles, Top Club, Senior Fours, Junior Singles and Junior Pairs, all games will be played at Victoria Park.  Competitions played at Victoria Park on a Monday or Friday will start at 1.00pm.  If you have specified that there is a worker/student in your team, unless there are extenuating circumstances, your game will be played at 6.00pm, in which case you must make the following provisions:
      1. a) Telephone your opponent ASAP to confirm with them the alternative time of 6.00pm at Victoria Park, or see paragraphs 5 and 6 for other options.
      2. b) Telephone the Competition Secretary to confirm the time.
      3. Immediately after the game, telephone or email the result to the Competition Secretary and send by 1st Class post, both rink cards, complete with all team members’ names and signed by both skips as a true record of the game, together with your rink fees (£1 per player, after first game).
    2. If you are unable to agree a time with your opponent, the Competition Secretary will decide when you should play.
    3. If you are approached by a team with workers/students, you will be expected to accommodate them.
    4. Evening games should be started by no later than 6.00pm. 
    5. If a competition is due to be played in the evening, the competitors can decide between them to agree a neutral venue, this will avoid extra travelling. It must be agreed by both teams/individuals.
    6. Should both competitors playing in the evening, be drawn from the same club they may play on their home green, providing both competitors agree, otherwise they can agree a neutral green. In the event, that they fail to agree, the competition will be played at Leamington.  
    7. Substitutes must be noted on the Card.
    8. You will still be expected to adopt an appropriate standard of dress (see Appendix 1 and notes on Dress for County Competitions in the Handbook) for your matches.
    9. Club Stickers must be clearly visible on all bowls.
    10. The County will endeavour to have an umpire on site for the 1.00pm games, however, should this not be possible for this, or later start games, you must be prepared to umpire your own match, as you would if you played home and away.
    11. If for some reason you are unable to play your competition, you must inform the Competition Secretary IMMEDIATELY AND TELEPHONE YOUR OPPONENT, to ensure that they are aware that they have a bye and are not required to come to Victoria Park to play. You should have a very good reason for withdrawing from a competition. A written explanation will be expected and passed to the County Executive for their information.
    12. It may be possible to play another round of a competition, by agreement with the players, on the same day, i.e. 6.00pm. This is optional and can be agreed on the day with the knowledge of the Competition Secretary who is running that particular competition.
    13. In the event of no decision being reached IN ANY ROUND owing to exceptional weather conditions, and where this makes it impossible to re-arrange a competition before the completion date, the aggregate score, in uncompleted games in which five ends or more have been played, will stand as the result unless otherwise specified. If the score is a tie the result will be decided by the toss of a coin. Competitions not started or where less than five ends have been completed will be decided by the toss of a coin, or by mutual agreement
    14. Prize-winners who do not attend the Annual Luncheon without good reason will not receive a prize.


    1. Matches can be claimed if players arrive more than thirty minutes late.
    2. Players must not crowd the jack and full attention to the position of each wood should be noted so that when your turn comes to bowl there is no need to ask who is shot.
    3. Persons not engaged in the game shall preserve an attitude of strict neutrality and neither by act or word, disturb or advise the players.
    5. 4 WOOD/2 WOOD SINGLES – The Challenger (first named) is expected to supply a Marker.

    Rosemarie Geden

    Competition Secretary