President's Charity 2019Nicola Enoch / Trustee / The Ups of Downs / Registered Charity 1141359

My charity is The Ups of Downs 

Formed in 2006, The Ups of Downs works with more than 70 children and young people with Down syndrome. We run weekly groups for members from birth through to teenagers providing Sing, Sign & Phonics sessions and Early Development Groups for our preschoolers and sports, drama, yoga and music Saturday clubs for our school age members, as well as regular specialist speech and language therapy.

Our driving ethos is to empower parents to give their child with Down syndrome every opportunity to develop, flourish and achieve, by providing each parent with the knowledge, confidence, ability and resources.  We also deliver training by experts to the professionals who work with our members in nurseries and schools.

Based in Royal Leamington Spa they work closely with IDS (Integrated Disability Service) and have the support of Warwickshire Education & Learning.

Many of the issues faced by a child with Down syndrome are not exclusive to children with Down syndrome and many training participants have commented on how informative and beneficial training sessions have been not just for the pupil with Down syndrome but for many others within their classroom.