President's Charity 2022

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Birmingham Crisis Centre, is a Refuge that provides a safe place for Women and their Children when fleeing Domestic Abuse.  Our aim is to support these families around Domestic Abuse, helping them on their journey ‘The Return to Happiness’. 

Upon arrival we appreciate that it can be a very daunting experience and the staff do their utmost to ensure that the women (families) feel safe and are aware that they can come to the staff office at any time, night or day and have somebody to speak to.  Birmingham Crisis Centre has a 24-hour helpline and is staffed 24 hours a day with waking staff during the night.

Our staff work hard supporting these families, helping to rebuild their lives, confidence, self-esteem and self-worth as well as identifying the signs and effects of Domestic Abuse; as we know Domestic Abuse comes in more forms than the physical violence alone.

We appreciate that Domestic Abuse also effects children, even those that are no verbal.  Our refuge has an onsite nursey that supports children with play, development, education and most importantly the emotional effects of Domestic Abuse on them.

Alongside the emotional support provided by the Family Support Workers and Nursery Support Workers, we also provide professional counselling for the mothers and the children.

During the women’s (families) stay here the staff support them with obtaining safe secure housing, help with debts, provide legal advice, source local schooling for children and ensure they are registered with health professions.  We also provide in-house programmes and activities for the women.

Despite all the upheaval that the families experience, the staff at Birmingham Crisis Centre, do their utmost to provide some sense of normality.  The donations that we receive throughout the year enable us to help the families feel that little bit more comfortable and cared about.  We create special memories for the children and arrange outings to theme parks, the seaside, local parks, leisure centres, nature walks and so much more.  Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has impacted on a lot of the activities that we provide.

Without the generous and thoughtful donations, we receive from organisation and individuals, we would not be able to make Birmingham Crisis Centre the amazing place it is, supporting families ‘Return to Happiness’.

Kind Regards

Melisha Fuller

Deputy Manager