Welcome to Warwickshire Women's Bowling Association 

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My name is Caroline Harris and I have the honour to be the Warwickshire Ladies President for the next year. Originally from Devon and then Cornwall I relocated to Warwickshire where three of my four sons already live and work. With no tradition or contacts in the area I struggled quite a while for something to do to fill my days.

One day in the Spring of 2013 neighbours suggested I might go with them to the local bowling Club; they didn’t bowl either so we started together. This changed my life as I found a family of friends at the Club and there is now always plenty to do throughout the year both socially and bowling. I have met a lot of the Warwickshire bowlers since joining Nuneaton Bowling Club in 2013; taking up bowling more seriously in 2014. Then in 2016 I discovered County Competitions and with two good friends alongside we had a go and haven’t stopped since.

Already very committed to my home Club – Nuneaton Bowling – I knew I wanted more and a wider involvement but I hadn’t got the points to qualify as a County player. The season of 2021, incredibly I got all the points I needed to become a County bowler and I haven’t looked back. For the last two years I travelled to almost all of the County fixtures (not always playing – just admiring). Since then getting more and more involved with my Club, Local leagues and the County, never a dull moment. When you retire you don’t imagine that you might bowl for your County let alone represent them as President! What a pleasure it is and now I look forward to an even busier time in 2024.

Warwickshire is blessed with some amazing bowlers; Young ladies reaching and winning at National and International levels. Our bowlers across all the age ranges excel at this sport, reaching both County and National success. There are also some incredibly experienced senior bowlers who still  show the rest of us how it should be done. In addition to this Warwickshire Ladies have a hard working Committee who make possible all that we do every season.

Bowling has come a very long way over the last decade and opens its doors to folk of all ages, origins and abilities. If you already bowl then I look forward to seeing you in 2024. If you don’t bowl but might be interested there is a local club near you who will welcome you. Have a look on the CLUBS page of this site and come and introduce yourselves.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and safe Autumn. I’ll be in touch.


If you would like more information about our Association; how to join a Club; or how to start playing bowls just email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Coombe Abbey was the venue for this year's Annual Presentation Luncheon where the presentation of Prizes and acknowledgement of achievements in the 2023 season took place.

Over 80 people attended, the numbers including many of the bowlers' family and friends. President Donna Kerr, with her partner Fred Bannister, hosted the occasion and were delighted to welcome her invited guests: Sheila Storey, Junior Vice President, Bowls England; David Wigman, Warwickshire Men's County President, and his wife Jayne, who joined the top table along with County Executive Officers, the table having been beautifully decorated with floral arrangements by Celia Bellamy - Warwick Boat Club.

After the meal there were several speeches and responses.  A key note speech was given by President Donna when she took us back to the beginning of bowls which was popularised by the well-known cricketer, W G Grace, who founded the Crystal Palace Indoor Bowls Club and in 1903 helped to form the EBA in South East London. Ladies started playing eventually and the EWBA was formed in 1934 – the first Lady President being Mrs C Johns from Sussex after whom the Johns Trophy was named. The two Associations eventually unified to become Bowls England on 1 January 2008.

She went on to say how proud Warwickshire was this year to see two young bowlers invited to play in the England team in addition to Kirsty Richards – Emily Kernick was selected to play in the Under 25s and Lily-Mae Adams in the Under 18s.

Sheila Storey responded with an entertaining insight into life in Northumberland expressing her wish for bowls to be better recognised and promoted as a sport which is undoubtedly something all bowlers would like to see.

Caroline Harris, Senior Vice-President, proposed the toast to the President and County – congratulating her on a very successful year and the manner in which she had encouraged the team for whichever game was about to be played – both friendly games and the more serious competitions – quite a calming influence. With a steady hand on the tiller, and always ready to listen, the County could be assured that it was in safe hands.

Thanking Caroline for her kind words, Donna went on to congratulate all the prize winners, who were shortly to collect their trophies and prizes. The culmination for County winners was the opportunity to compete against their counterparts from other counties at the Nationals. This year Warwickshire certainly showed their worth with National winners in both the Junior Singles – Emily Kernick; and Junior Pairs – Emily and Lily-Mae Adams. She was particularly pleased and proud to award County Badges to members of the National Quarter Finalists team from Rugby Thornfield – skipped by Maureen Edwards, the new County players were Nicola Bradshaw, Rachel Ashmore and Becky Lever who will undoubtedly be a big asset to the County.

Donna went on to thank her Officers who were always working in the background to keep the County going – she finished by thanking everyone who had supported her charity, Zoe’s Place by raising £2,442.56 – a massive ‘thank you’ from the hospice and especially the babies who sent a big hug.