A Win in WalesWinning Rink Pen-y-Glyn - Carole Cox Joan Hall Maureen Edwards Ann Doherty 225x154

Every other year Warwickshire gets the opportunity to travel to mid Wales for a game of bowls, the welcome is such that it is always well worth the trip, and this was definitely the case when the county played Pen-Y-Glyn – the bonus was that we came away with a win 135-113.

Highest winning rink went to Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield) with Carole Cox (Southam), Ann Doherty (Lillington) and Joan Hall (Nuneaton) who were level pegging at 7 ends, 5 all, 3, 4 and 5 shots over the next three ends made all the difference and they never looked back as they soared to a 27-15 finish.

Pat Gagg with Chris Ward (both Lillington), Brenda Carlton (Three Spires) and Liz Westell (Welford) were fairly evenly matched for the first half of the game but then took control eventually winning 28-18.

Elaine Taylor (Stoke) with Christine Harding (Rugby Thornfield), Pat Harvey (Lillington) and Jean Williams (Stratford) were 9 all at 11 ends which shows how close the game was up until that point and 3 shots on the next end gave them the boost they needed to go ahead and win 23-14.

Debbie Bloxham (Stratford), Joy Cooke (Blossomfield), Chris Richards (Lillington) and Heather Tredgold (Southam) struggled to start and were 0-14 down at the 9th end but 4 shots on the 10th end brightened their spirits and they showed their true form eventually only losing by one shot – 19-20.

Jean Petty (Norgren) with Heather Mills (Grange Ladies), Mo Yeomans (Blossomfield) and Helen Harris (Stoke) were also slow to start but picked up 6 shots on the 6th end which gave them some encouragement and a further 6 shots on the 11th end certainly helped their cause and they went on to finish 23-15.

Pat Moore (Three Spires) with Lilian Hope (Welford), Jean Veart (Nuneaton) and Rosemarie Geden (Southam) were trailing 2-10 at 6 ends and although they picked up in the middle of the game their opponents weren’t going to let them get too far ahead and they finished 15-21.