Oxon MEL - Di Medhurst Jayne Henfrey Di Thurlbeck 225x170Warwickshire Finish MEL Season with a FlourishWinning Rink V Oxon -  Liz Wooding Elaine Taylor Jenny Corn Lynn Houghton 225x169

Warwickshire ladies came into their own when they played Oxfordshire in the last of the Middle England League matches as they won on all six rinks, giving them 17 points and definitely improving their placing in the League Table, the final score being 144-84.

Jenny Corn (Lillington) with Liz Wooding (Avenue Coventry), Lynne Houghton (Avenue Leamington) and Elaine Taylor (Stoke) started slowly but 5 shots on the 8th end helped their cause and they never looked back finally winning 30-7.

Sue Hornsby (Lillington) with Sharon Keal (Snitterfield), Jean Williams and Debbie Bloxham (both Stratford) also put in a solid performance to finish 24-11.

Maureen Tims (Whitnash) with Di Medhurst (Stoke), Jayne Henfrey and Di Thurlbeck (both Lillington) struggled to begin with and were 0-8 down at 4 ends but 2 and 6 shots on the 5th and 6th ends certainly brightened their spirits by bringing them level, and they went on to win 26-15.

Jacqui Cook with Margaret Grosvenor (both Lillington), Helen Harris (Stoke) and Jean Petty (Norgren) were definitely the underdogs for the first half of the game trailing 3-10 at 10 ends, but that’s where the turnaround started and 11 shots over the next 6 ends made all the difference enabling them to finish 19-13.

Moira Parsons with Liz Westell (both Welford), Liz Crispin (Wolvey) and Chris Cooke (Southam) set off strongly and were 11-1 up at 6 ends, but their opponents were having none of it and having picked up a shot on the 7th end proceeded to make a comeback but fortunately for the home team it didn’t deter them and they came through to win 25-19.

Maureen Edwards with Sigrid Thomas (both Rugby Thornfield), Joy Cooke (Blossomfield) and Lynne Innes (Stratford) started fairly evenly match but their opponents took the lead in the middle part of the game with 7-16 at 13 ends, but the home team were even more determined and eventually won 20-19.